Quest 92

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==Quest 92 - Shine! Medalite (輝け!メダライト)

Name Shine! Medalite
Location Entertainment Island Luckland
Coordinates D-5
NPC Paper Shop Hisame
Requirements None
Initial Rewards
Experience 1020 P
Fame 17 P
Rewards Medal Paper becomes available at Luckland.
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards -
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Talk to Paper Shop Hisame at the post office in Luckland D-5 to receive this quest.
  • Defeat Robo-Robin in Chaldea Cave in the Dwarf continent to obtain Medalite Alloy (メダライト合金).
  • Once you have the item, return to Hisame to finish the quest.