Quest 97

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This is the first quest that allows you to get past the original level cap of lv50. This mission unlocks when you get any vocation past level 46, and clearing it raises the level cap for all your vocations.

If this is your first time going to the Sunset Meadow, you might want to know how to access this area. You can reach it by taking the train to Wind Town Azlan and then following this route: Azlan RegionInamino HighwayKamiharmui SouthKamiharmui NorthSunset Meadow.

Name Those Who Aim High 高みを目指す者
Location Sunset Meadow
Coordinates B8
NPC Holy Messenger Chamimi 聖使者チャミミ
Requirements Level 46+
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 120
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 12360 P 3090 P
Fame 103 P -
Rewards Level cap raised to 55 1 Urbea Gold Coin


  1. Speak to the Holy Messenger Chamimi (聖使者チャミミ) in Sunset Meadow to receive the quest.
  2. The holy messenger will ask you to defeat either a Skeleton Soldier (しりょうのきし) or a Bomboulder (メガザルロック) to obtain the Goddess Yellow Gem (女神の黄玉石).
  3. The Skeleton Soldiers are much easier to defeat, so it's recommended to defeat them. They can be found in Cursed Land (呪われた大地), just west of the quest starter location.
    • You should be able to find Skeleton Soldiers near the entrance, you do not need to get too much into the Cursed Land yet.
  4. After collecting the Goddess Yellow Gem, report to Chamimi to receive a cutscene and complete the quest.

NOTE: The next level cap quest will become available at level 51.

A Skeleton Soldier.