Quest 98

From Ethene
Name Tips for Paladins パラディンの心得
Location Gartlant Castle Town
Coordinates H-4
NPC Commander Strong ストロング団長
Requirements Completion of Quest 34
Previous Quest -
Next Quest 100
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 2580P P 1290 P
Fame 43 P -
Rewards Paladin Vocation Unlocked 1 Urbea Silver Coin


Requirement!! : In order to complete these quest, you must know and use the skill "Whipping Boy", also known as Cover (かばう). It is the first ability in the Warrior ability chart.
Cover is a Warrior-exclusive skill, so you will need to perform part of this quest as a Warrior.

  • Pick up the quest from the Office of the Holy Order at H-4 on the first floor of [[Gartland Castle] - Inside [Gartland Castle Town]
  • Fight any enemy in Gartlant Territory (just outside of Gartlant Castle Town) and use "Cover" (かばう) to protect your teammate from damage before defeating an enemy. You'll know you got credit when you receive this message after combat:
<Hero> defended her friends and won! That's one for the win! Let's go pray to the monument of benevolence at Zama Pass!
  • Perform the "Pray" (いのる) gesture to the Monument of Benevolence located at B-8 in the Southwest part of Zama Pass.
  • Head back to the Office of the Holy Order to complete the quest. You'll be able to change your job to Paladin.