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From Ethene

Offline Prologue Story

The story begins in the village of Ethene, the home of the Hero and their sibling. The Hero looks to the sky, and their sibling calls to them, who is riding the Galapogod along with Lady Abba, the elder of Ethene. The Galapagod approaches the Hero and their sibling offers them a ride, but is immediately interrupted by Abba, saying they aren't allowed to ride.

A noise awakens the Hero, revealing it was only a dream. They learn that their sibling accidentally destroyed the village's supply of perky beans, which just so happens to be Lady Abba's favorite food, in an attempt to multiply them using alchemy. At Ethene's church, the Hero meets up with Abba's grandson, Shini. He asks the Hero to gather some items from the local villagers, so that he can fashion a pillow to serve as an apology for the loss of the perky beans. Upon receiving the pillow, Abba angrily asks the Hero to go look for their sibling. Despite being upset at Shini for disturbing her, and claiming the pillow is terrible, she still uses the pillow they made, falling into a deep sleep. The Hero ventures out into the field outside town, and finds their sibling alchemizing a hat. The Hero and their sibling return to town, where Abba is making a grave announcement to the townspeople: the entire village and everyone in it will be utterly destroyed. There exists, however, a flower that grows in a cave north of town called a Tens flower, and this would be a means to survival for the village. The Hero, their sibling, and Shini are chosen to retrieve it, after a stray monster invades the town and Shini dispatches it with a spell. Once at the cave, Shini mentions Lady Abba was worried that even with enough Tens flowers, only one person from the village would ultimately be able to be saved. The Hero’s sibling is shocked at this revelation, but Shini assures the possibility that Abba was only referring to the worst case scenario. The party continues further into the cave.

The party reach the end of the cave, where several Tens Flowers are in full bloom in a large chamber. Before they are able to retrieve the flowers, a monster calling himself Bedora appears, and attacks the flowers with a poisonous breath. Shini demands that he stop, but Bedora has no intention of leaving even a single flower to anyone capable of crossing through time. Shini is confused by Bedora’s words, which causes Bedora to laugh at how the Ethene people could let themselves forget something so important. The party do battle with him, and emerge victorious. With his dying words, Bedora swears to fulfill his master’s orders and unleashes one final attack on the Tens flowers, decimating them as he dies. Shini inspects the ruined flowers, and recalls an old text he had read of how the people of Ethene in the distant past had the power to freely travel through time. However, the number of people able to use this power dwindled over time, and the ability was completely lost in the span of several hundred years. With no flowers that could have possibily survive, Shini gives up and is ready to return to the village empty handed. However, the Hero’s sibling notices a glowing light, obscured by the smoke of Bedora's attack. Somehow, one single Tens flower managed to survive!

The party returns to the village, only to find a horde of monsters attacking everyone and burning everything to the ground. A giant fireball suddenly flies towards the Hero’s sibling; the Hero and Shini look in horror as they stand there unable to do anything in time. The Hero desperately reaches out to their sibling, who is then immediately surrounded by a bright light. The sibling, now protected inside this light, yells to the Hero to no avail, as everything else has stopped moving, even time itself! The ancient spell that Shini mentioned earlier is the same one the Hero unknowingly used on their sibling to protect them. Seconds later, the Hero’s sibling disappears without a trace to an unknown time and unknown place. A nearby monster saw what had happened, and quickly notifies his master, the Dark Lord Nergel, who is floating above the village. Nergel is far from surprised at the fact that there was still someone who could travel through time, as this what he suspected to begin with. He proclaims that no one can escape him nor death itself, especially not the Hero, as he is the lord of the dead. Nergel immediately kills the Hero and every remaining villager in Ethene, although the Galapogod’s innate power manages to protect it.

With his goal accomplished, Nergel retreats to the skies above. Using his scythe, he opens a dark portal where an ominous cloud spills out, completely covering the central continent Rendershia in thick purple clouds. Five orbs of light appear from the Galapogod’s body, flying over the deceased bodies of Ethene’s villagers, until one of them stops over the Hero’s body. The orb enters the Hero’s body, leaving immediately with the Hero’s soul in tow, departing for the Temple of Light far in the distance.

Version 1: Awakening of the Five Tribes

Starting Village Quest

  • Rangao Village (Ogre)
  • Pukulet Village (Pukulipo)
  • Rene Village (Weddie)
  • Tsusukuru Village (Elf)
  • Agurani Village (Dwarf)

Key Emblems

  • Glen Castle
  • Wind Town Azlan
  • Mountain City Gatara
  • Olphea Town
  • Julet Town
  • Gartland Castle
  • Royal Capital of Kamiharumui
  • Dolworm Kingdom
  • Magistris City
  • Verinard Castle


  • Reyda Metes
  • Heart of the Dark Lord

Version 2: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

2.0: The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies

2.1: The Land of Overlapping Fates

2.2: Spinning the Bonds of Courage

2.3: Twin Wings of Hope Flying in the Sky

2.4: Decisive Battle at the End of Eternity

Version 3: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.0: Lore of the Ancient Dragon

3.1: Liberator of the Holy Flame

3.2: Beyond Ice, Snow and Blessings

3.3: A Paradise of Moonlight Embracing Darkness

3.4: The Truth is in the Depths of Blue Water

3.5: The Void of Guilt that Pierces the Storm

3.55: Nadragand's Decisive Battle

Version 4: The 5000 Year Voyage to a Faraway Hometown

4.0: To a Faraway Home

4.1: Glorious Heroes and Forgotten Allies

4.2: Twin Princes of the Red Earth

4.3: Demonic Empire on the Sand

4.4: Cradle of Silent Flowers

4.5: Journey to the Far Future

Version 5: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.0: The Thorned Maiden and the God of Destruction

5.1: Magic World War

5.2: Coronation of the King

5.3: Resurrection of the Brave

5.4: Divine Awakening

5.5 (First Half): The Source of Darkness