Streaming Guidelines

From Ethene

If you'd like to stream Dragon Quest X to your streaming platform of choice, there are few guidelines you must follow. These guidelines were set by Square Enix, and although there have been no known cases of warning/punishment for not adhering to them, it's better to stay on the safe side.

As for streaming with English translations (dqxclarity), there have been many streamers who have streamed the game using it and Square Enix has yet to even acknowledge it. Of course, just like with using dqxclarity, there is always a risk, but it appears to be quite small.


The following guidelines must be adhered to while streaming the game:

Streaming ID
  • You must be playing on a server designated for streaming. These are servers 10, 21, and 22.
  • While in game, you must have your streamer ID on and visible at all times. This can be enabled by opening the menu and going to Misc. > Settings > Communication > Status Icon and then checking "Streaming". Your streamer ID will then be displayed at the top left corner of your screen. If you are a new player and are streaming while playing through the prologue, you won't have access to this option yet, so that's OK. Just make sure to enable the Streaming status once you join the online portion.
  • You must have the following disclaimer displayed somewhere in your stream (such as your stream bio/description): この動画で利用している株式会社スクウェア・エニックスを代表とする共同著作者が権利を所有する著作物及びスギヤマ工房有限会社が権利を所有する楽曲の転載・配布は禁止いたします。 (C) ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO/SQUARE ENIX All Rights Reserved. (C) SUGIYAMA KOBO (P) SUGIYAMA KOBO
  • You cannot stream the "Ruby Mansion" series of quests. This begins with Quest 333.
  • If you are streaming the final boss of a version while it is the most current content, you cannot stream the scenes that follow the defeat of the boss. The game will warn you when this happens with the message "Restricted scene. Streaming status will stop." This restriction lifts upon the release of the next version.

Please note that these guidelines also apply to recorded videos. Posted videos that don't follow these guidelines may get taken down by Square Enix.