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  • WIP Monster Template. Testing it out. - Melo
  • Template to be used for Monster info pages.
  • If nothing is needed for any of the categories, leave blank.
  • Monster name will default to the page name if left blank, but if you want to include it's JP name you'll have to fill it.
  • Use the file name of the image, including it's file type (.png)
    • Image=Slime.png
  • Family is the monster's overarching type.
    • Slime Family, Material Family, etc
  • Stamp is training stamps earned for killing when locked into training mode. You can leave this blank if they give 0.
  • Crystal Lv needs info. Something to do with the blood and sweat crystal system.
  • Lv, HP, MP, Attack and Defense are self explanatory, can be found on some JP wiki pages, while usually estimates they should be fine for now.
  • Elemental is for any elemental weaknesses or resistances the monster may have.
  • Status is for any status weaknesses or resistances the monster may have.
  • For Skills and spells, they need to manually be added in their respective categories, add each new skill/spell on a seperate line, examples below and inside the default table settings
    • |Attack 1 - Hits you
    • |Attack 2 - Forces you to dance
    • |Attack 3 - Explodes self
|Monster Name=