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  • en_name: English name of the monster.
  • ja_name: Japanese name of the monster.
  • image: Image name. Please use compressed images for smaller sizes.
  • level: Level of the monster.
  • weight: Weight of the monster.
  • hp: HP of the monster.
  • exp: Experience points gained when the monster is defeated.
  • defense: Defense of the monster.
  • mp: MP of the monster.
  • attack: Attack of the monster.
  • gold: Gold received when defeating the monster.
  • number: Monster number in relation to their position in the in-game monster beastiary.
  • weaknesses: Elements the monster is weak to.
  • resistances: Elements the monster is resistant to.
  • locations: Locations the monster can be found.
  • trivia: Trivia description of the monster.
  • secret_trivia: Secret trivia description of the monster.
  • common_loot: Common loot the monster drops.
  • rare_loot: Rare loot the monster drops.
  • equip_loot: Equipment that the monster drops.
  • orbs: Orbs that the monster drops.
  • family: The type of family the monster belongs to.
    • Don't create links to families; just use the name of the family and it will automatically link to the category.


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