From Ethene
Name Togre (ネクロバルサ)
Lv 103 Weight 612
HP 4200 MP 115
EXP 1797 Gold 18
Attack 576 Defense 343
Family Humanoid-type
Weaknesses Ice
Resistances Thunder
Locations Found Becon Valley, True Al-Ahagiro Region, Daraz Large Vein
Secret Trivia ある神学者は語る。ネクロバルサは かつて禁断の呪文 ジゴデインを神から盗みだしたのだと。
Common Loot Grubby Bandage
Rare Loot Sidewinder Book
Equip Chest Drops Anchor of Rancour
Master Orb Jewels Ironclad Desperate Measures, Secret of Wyrm Whip, Secret of Oomphlash