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HQ English Map Guide

* Aquire the map png from Hiroba's map page

Hiroba has a very useful map page that will allow you to look at any map you've been to in game (For this reason I create an alt at whatever the latest starting expansion is so all previous maps are avalible to it)

For this example, we'll make the map for the Colt Region on Wena Islands

Heading to the page for Colt Region, you can simply Right Click the map png and save/copy it.

From there, I take the image into Photoshop. This might be where the process will have to differ, depending on the programs avalible to you, but as long as you can do the steps listed in your program of choice, all is good.

We need to remove the text from the existing map, to replace it with our english translation from Clarity.

To do this, I use a Color Range select to select anything with the Yellow (#ffff38) or White (#ffffff) Text. Yellow is used for Transitions, while White is used for general labeling.

With the text selected, ensure there's no additional selections. Waypoint Crystals and some other map icons with white in them are often selected too, which I manually deselect - See the arrow on the following image;

This next step will differ depening on your personal method/program, but for consistency, try to follow as close as you can.

Edit > Content Aware Fill | Color Adaptation: Very High, Rotation Adaptation: Full, Check Scale, Check Mirror. | Hit okay.

And with that, you have a blank map to work with.

Cross Referencing the JP map to the In Game map, add in the text needed for each of the labels.

Labels should be formated the following way:

Font: Kozuka Gothic (Or any other pixel width that is similar)
Size: 14 pt

The final step is one I do for ease of reading, and could be optional, but I'm including it here for if you wish to emulate my work exactly; Add a small, simple drop shadow to help pronounce the text from the map.

Job Done!

Map image created and ready for upload and adding to the relevant map page. For a guide on the formating and specifics of map page creation, check the document here. (Add link later. If there's no link later, yell at me on discord till I make it...)