Wailin' Weed

From Ethene
Name Wailin' Weed (フラワーゾンビ)
Lv 69 Weight 311
HP 1459 MP 96
EXP 693 Gold 10
Attack 204 Defense 211
Family Zombie-type
Weaknesses Fire, Light
Resistances None
Locations Found Witchwood, Jyra Jungle, Twisted Deformed Earth
Secret Trivia ドライフラワーに悪霊が宿り魔物と化したらしい。ドライな身体にウェットな性格意外性に満ちた存在。
Common Loot Narspicious
Rare Loot Making Flower Lights
Equip Chest Drops Virginia Stick
Master Orb Jewels Ironclad Curse Guard, Blink of Magical Ballad, Blink of Benediction