Battle of Twilight

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Battle of Twilight is battle content where you are put up against 5 puppet performers in a theater setting who impersonate random bosses throughout the world of Astoltia (and beyond). These puppets keep their visual appearances, but gain access to the same skills of the bosses they're pretending to play as.

You have a choice of battling against these puppets in two different theaters. Theater 1, Demon's Nightmare, puts you up against bosses you've seen in Version 1 and Version 2, while Theater 2, Pukulandot, puts you up against bosses from Version 3 and Version 4. In terms of difficulty, Pukulandot is the more difficult theater to challenge.

The bosses that these puppets portray is random and changes semi-monthly according to the reset times schedule.


In order to participate in Battle of Twilight, you must:

How to start

Speak to Poet Woebergard in Port Town Lendor (South) at B-3.

You can choose to either bring your own party of companions (real players or AI) or you can choose to search for other party members.

Both Theater 1 and Theater 2 can be completed on each reset.

Time Limit

You have 15 minutes to defeat all 5 puppets.

Boss Possibilities

Below you will find a list of each puppet for both theaters and a non-exhaustive list of bosses they could imitate:

Demon's Nightmare (Theater 1)
Puppet Content Possible Bosses
Version 1 Apex Araniad, Apex Kukulkannibal, Apex Tactician Id, Apex Tyrant Bogan, Apex Mystical Juliante
Version 2 Evil Troop Grimos, Evil Troop Gezra, Evil Captain Bassler
Magic Maze Demon Overlord, Drakulord, Vermil Lion, Bones of Baramos, Apex Giga Clubber, Apex Gladiator Troll
Town Gal
Version 1 Pusgon Awakened, Devil Chief Jiggis, Apex Gilgish, Purrgatroyd, Apex Urbea Aztech
Version 2 Naughty Jamii, Naughty Berti, Right Incubus, Sweet Troll, Apex Barbatos, Red Flying Dragon
Coin Boss Atlas, Pazuzu, Belial
Pirate Kid
Version 2 Grave Digger, Sorcerer Bezebu, Jacked Jamii, Bulging Berti, Apex Right Incubus, Apex Left Incubus
Coin Boss Apex Atlas, Apex Pazuzu, Apex Belial, Baramos, Gracos
Witch Olivia
Version 1 Dread Incarnate, King of Calamity
Version 2 Apex Witch Gretzel
Coin Boss Don Mole, Ring King Zaltra, Fang King Gosnell, Apex Baramos, Apex Gracos
- Fixed boss specific to Battle of Twilight.
Pukulandot (Theater 2)
Puppet Content Possible Bosses
Version 3 White Spirit Bota, Crimson Queen Bee, Dragon General Antelo, Red Demon Shishin, Rouge Rhino, Wind Demon Fuu, Blue Wolf Demon Grubareyda
Town Gal
Version 4 General Marquis de Leon, General Togrus Maximus, General Gaia Dragon, General Nemean, Tyrant Equinox, possibly more..
Pirate Drake
Coin Boss Apex Atlas, Apex Pazuzu, Apex Baramos, Apex Gracos, Apex Soul of Baramos, Apex Guardian Razburn, possibly more..
Version 3
Version 4
Soaring Darkness, God Beast Kashal, General Giga Clubber, Demon Beast Nerosugog, Mad Prince Drand, possibly more..
- Fixed boss specific to Battle of Twilight. Stronger version than Theater 1.


Once the fight starts, you will fight each puppet one at a time until all 5 are defeated. Preparing the proper resistances and equipment is difficult, if not impossible, as the range of bosses they could assume is somewhat vast. Do your best!


Each puppet that is defeated will reward a gold treasure chest at the end of the encounter, for a maximum of 5. This content can be replayed, but will only reward red treasure chests after you have received the initial reward. Rewards are reset according to the reset times schedule.

In the event you don't defeat all 5, you can try again for the remaining chests that you weren't previously rewarded.

At the end of the encounter, each puppet will state which boss they were playing as.