Quest 440

From Ethene
Name Cucumberserk's Act
Location Port Lendor
Coordinates B-3 South
NPC Poet Woebergard
Requirements Level 80+
Initial Rewards
Experience 10800 P
Fame 46 P
Rewards Battle of Twilight unlocked
Replay Rewards
Experience 5400 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Magic Water
Quest Progression
Previous 331
Next -


  1. To begin the quest, speak with Poet Woebergard.
  2. Speak with Poet Woebergard again.
  3. Go to Popolia Mushroom Mountain and defeat Amodeus at B-7 until you acquire Twilight Poet's Score.
    • An easy way to get there is to use the Mega Zoomstone to Pippi's Inn in Orphea Region East and then head north.
  4. Go back to South Port Lendor and speak with Poet Woebergard for a thorough explanation on the Battle of Twilight.
  5. Use the Guts Pose emote to complete the quest.