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The Dragon Quest X Companion App (titled "ドラゴンクエストⅩ 冒険者のおでかけ超便利ツール", "Dragon Quest X Super Convenient Tool for Outgoing Adventurers") is companion app for Dragon Quest X that has many useful functions while not playing the game.

This app is available on Android and iOS.


The DQX Companion App is a very useful tool to use alongside the game, as it allows you to do activities such as chat with ingame friends and team members, or take care of your fields and monsters while you are not playing the game.

A Square Enix account is required to use the app, so Easy Play players cannot use it.

You can play various mini-games to earn rewards, utilize communications such as sending mail, buying and selling items on the Bazaar, organize your items, design glamours, synthesize accessories, chat with your friends, send friend requests, and much more. This is not just a convenient tool, but an essential one. Furthermore, you don't even need to be subscribed to Dragon Quest X to use it, making it a handy tool when you are taking a break from the game.

Please note: Some functions require gems, a paid premium currency, to use effectively. Other elements may cost real money.

Paid players will receive 10 gems each day they log in. If you've set up the two-factor authentication to your account, you will receive an additional 20 gems per day. The daily login resets at 6 AM JST everyday. While the app tracks free and paid gems separately, as of Version 6.5.6 there are no functions that require paid Gems exclusively.

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How To Install

Android - Method 1

  1. Head to this page on APKPure.
  2. Click the green ダウンロード APK button. You may have to enable downloads from unknown sources in your Settings to download it.
  3. Launch the downloaded APK and install it.
  4. You're done!

Note that you will have to manually download and update the APK if the app updates.

Android - Method 2

  1. Download and install Qooapp.
  2. Open Qooapp and search for "ドラゴンクエストⅩ". If you do not use the game's Japanese name, you will not find the app.
  3. Download and install the DQX companion app. You're done!

You will need to access Qooapp, go to installed apps/games and download any updates from there if the app updates.

Android - Method 3 You can also set up a Japanese Google Play account to access the Japanese Play Store to be able to download and update it through there. (This is not recommended, as setting up an account outside of Japan can be quite difficult.)


The easiest way to do this is to create a new Japanese Apple ID to access the Japanese App Store.

  1. Go to appleid.apple.com and click “Create Your Apple ID”. Choose “Japan” as your country or region.
  2. Enter your name, birthdate, email, password and agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Verify your email address to complete the sign up process.
  4. On your device, open settings and tap on your name at the top. Tap “Media & Purchases” and then “Sign Out”.
  5. Sign in with your new Japanese Apple ID and password. Your App Store will now be switched to the Japanese store.
  6. Search for "ドラゴンクエストⅩ" and download the app with a Dracky on the icon.
  7. You're done!

How To Set Up

※The Square Enix Software Token will be discontinued in 2024. Please consider using a different authenticator application (such as Google Authenticator or Twilo's Authy) or use the Square Enix Security Token keychain. For more details, please read this announcement.


① The currently logged in player is displayed here. Tap to switch characters.

②The amount of Gold currently deposited in the bank by the currently logged in character. Tap to swap to how much Gold the character is carrying. The amount of Gems the currently logged in account has. Press the "+" to go to the Gem Purchase screen.

① Press and hold to set one of the photos you took in game as the background.

② This area can be customized with favorite icons. To do so, swipe left or right and tap the star next to any function you want to display here. Swiping right brings up the General Concierge functions while swiping left (or right twice) brings up the Premiun Concierge functions. You can read about the functions in the next section.

Challenge Missions

List of Functions

icon side-icon Japanese English
ドラキーニュース Dracky news Check DQX news.
通知リスト Notification list Check your notifications.
チャレンジミッション Challenge Missions Weekly missions that reward you with Lottery Tickets and Dream Shards.
報酬お預かり所 Reward Depository The rewards from various functions like Challenge Missions or Fishing get sent here. Claim them here, and they will be sent to your bag.
おでかけラリー Outdoor Rally
アストルティアおすすめ道案内 Recommended Directions in Astoltia
マイプロフィール My Profile Check your own profile.
あしあと伝言板 Footprint message board
どこでもチャット Chat anywhere Talk to your DQX friends and team members any time you want!
自分の冒険日誌 My Journal
かきおきメモ Scratch Memo
フレンド情報 Friend Information Check on your friends' profiles and friend requests.
元気チャージ交換サービス Energy charge exchange Exchange charged energy (accumulated each hour you are not playing) for valuable goods.
もちもの整理 Depositaries It allows you to check the contents of your bags and storage.
ゴールド銀行 Gold Bank Check your bank.
つれているモンスター Monster Buddy Check on your monster buddy's stats and equipment.
サポート仲間雇われ情報 Support party information Check your current data as a support party member of other players.
バトルコマンド設定 Battle comand settings Organize the battle command settings for each of your vocations.
よく使うセリフ設定 Frequent phrases settings Change your frequent phrases.
キャラクター切り替え Switch character Select another character from your account.
アクセサリー合成 Accessory synthesis Synthesize your accessories directly on your phone, without needing to go to Verinard.
錬金強化 Alchemy enhancement Use alchemy stones to upgrade the effects on your equipment.
アイテム交換所 Item Exchange Use various currencies (Minimedals, Casino Tokens, Gold, Preset Tickets, etc) to exchange for goods. All in one place!
妖精のおでかけ姿見 Fairy Mirror Fully customize your character. Try on new outfit combinations, new colors, new hairstyles, other races... The possibilities are endless.
どこでもチームアジト Team hideout anywhere Find all the team functions in one place.

Premiun Concierge: The following functions use the paid currency () to work effectively. Some of them can be used for free without any issue, like the Monster Farm.

Please note: Some of these functions require you to have the basic functionality unlocked ingame. For example, for the Field Cultivation function you need to have a field on your garden, or to use the Monster Farm function you need to have unlocked either of the monster scouting vocations.

Premium Concierge Menu (プレミアムコンシェルジュ)
icon side-icon Japanese English
畑のお世話 Field Cultivation This function allows you to check on your fields, and grants you access to a secondary app-exclusive field that does not require watering.
Using fertilizer is free, but watering requires gems.
討伐隊の依頼 Subjugation Quests This function allows you to check the daily and weekly subjugation quests.
強ボス討伐 Strong Boss Subjugation You can use the monsters in your Monster Farm to defeat bosses from the Book of Bosses. It costs some gems.
ピラミッド探索 Pyramid You can send your monsters to explore Pyramid floors, using gems.
おでかけ万魔の塔 Banma Tower You can send your monsters to Banma Tower. The gem cost varies depending on the selected floors.
職人ギルド依頼 Crafting Guild You can craft the daily guild requests using the required materials and gems.
のぞみの釣り堀 Fishing You can fish in special ponds. You can exchange the fish you caught and even give them to Fish Master if he requests them for his daily fishing goal. There is a weekly bingo for catching 9 specific species that rewards you with useful items.
モンスター牧場 Monster Farm You can check on your monsters, and feed them meat to increase their happiness. You can use gems and monster farm coins to hatch any monster, even if you do not own their scout books.
王家のおでかけ迷宮 Royal Maze
黄昏のおでかけ奏戦記 Battle of Twilight
おでかけ邪神の宮殿 Dark Deity's Palace
ミニカジノ Mini Casino Play some streamlined casino minigames to gather casino tokens! You get one play ticket weekly.
バザー落札 Bazaar Buying
バザー出品 Bazaar Selling
出品取りやめ・再出品 Bazaar Listings
モーモンバザー設定 Sanguini Bazaar
モーモンモール Sanguini Mall
ふくびき券交換サービス Lottery Ticket Exchange Exchange Lottery Tickets for a variety of Bonus Orbs, or exchange Bonus Orbs into Lottery Tickets using Gems.
ふくびき所 Lottery Counter You can draw your Lottery tickets.
The first two times you draw the lottery per day have a free gem cost but still consume Lottery Tickets.
100連ふくびき所 100 Draw Spend Gems to draw 100 times at once.
1000連ふくびき所 1000 Draw Spend Gems to draw 1000 times at once.
スペシャルふくびき所 Special Lottery Counter Spend Gems to draw one special lottery ticket.
SP100連ふくびき所 Special Lottery 100 Draw Spend Gems to draw 100 times at once.
SP1000連ふくびき所 Special Lottery 1000 Draw Spend Gems to draw 1000 times at once.
ゆめのかけら交換所 Dream Shard Exchange Exchange Dream Shards -obtained from the lottery- for ingame goodies like pets, umbrellas or furniture.
酒場サービス Tavern Service
電子書籍 E-Books You can purchase DQ themed ebooks -including the various DQX manga- using gems. Some of them include ingame goodies, like exclusive emotes for example.
ジェム購入 Purchase Gems Use real money to purchase gems to use in the app.

This explanation is current as of version 6.5.6 of the app.