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The Dolboard (ドルボード) is the main device of terrestrial transportation in Dragon Quest X.


Players can get a rental Dolboard by talking to the Vehicle Clerk near the entrance of the starting towns (Langao Village, Lane Village, Town of Agrani, Tsusukul Village, and Pukulet Village).

The fully owned dolboard can be obtained and upgraded by talking to Menme in the center of Mount Gatara.

The Dolboard needs Dolsoline to run properly. This fuel can be obtained from item shops for 500G. Each Dolsoline fills up one Dolboard tank, and lasts for 30 minutes of dolboard usage.

While using the dolboard, players can interact with their environment and various elements such as monsters (to examine them or to engage in combat), chests, NPCs, and more. If a player initiates battle while riding the dolboard, they will immediately remount it after the battle ends.

After doing the Whispers of a Dolboard" questline, the dolboard has three Dolsoline tanks (for up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted dolboard fun!), and the charge boost. The charge boost gives it twice the normal speed for 6 seconds, but, while it's active, the turning left and right controls get disabled. It needs 9 seconds to accumulate energy, and it can only be activated by pressing the L3 button while autorun is on.


Another NPC in Mount Gatara, Custom Shop Decory, offers two services to customize the dolboard:

  • Dying: Using dye flowers, it's possible to modify two colors of the dolboard prism. This option uses the same materials as outfit dying (in Megistris) and weapon dying (via Alchemy Pot).
  • Form Change: This option allows players to choose any installed prism. This can not only affect the cosmetic aspect of the dolboard, but also the number of passengers it can hold. Most dolboards can only be used by its riders, but some allow 2 or even 4 players to use them

If the player has any dolboard prism when talking to Decory, she will install it after asking for permission.

While not riding, it's also possible to edit a few more things. By going to Misc. > Settings > Gameplay > Dolboard Settings, the player can edit any of the following options:

  • Form Change: You can freely pick any installed prism. To install new ones, talk to Decory.
  • BGM settings: You can replace the background music while riding. Players need to have Dol Radio items and have Decory install them in order to unlock this function.
  • Carpool settings: This allows players to choose if they want to display fellow party members or not while riding, in prisms that allow it.
  • Viewpoint settings: This feature allows the player to choose if they want the view range to be the usual or farther away while riding the dolboard.

The dolboard prisms and radios can be obtained in events, in the casino, via lottery, by purchasing them from other players, or in the cash shop.