Quest 199

From Dragon Quest X

Quest 199 - Ride On, Dollar Board! (ライドオン ドルボード!)

Location - Mountain City Gatara (岳都ガタラ) D4
NPC - Menme(メンメ)
Requirement - 1 Key Emblem
Initial Reward -  Dollar Board unlocked / 3x Dolserin
Replay Reward - Dolserin
EXP/Fame - 6240P / 52P
Previous Quest: -
Next Quest: Quest 219
  • Quest giver can be found outside the Mountain City Gatara Inn after you have obtained at least 1 key emblem (their name will be in yellow)
  • Head to Gatara Jungle (ガタラ原野) G3 and find a shiny item on the ground. Collect it to get the "Dollar Board Remnants" (ドルボードの残がい).
  • Go back to Menme to clear the quest