Quest 199

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Quest 199 - Ride On, Dolboard! (ライドオン ドルボード!)

Note: Prior to doing this mission, you can get a rental dolboard by talking to the Vehicle Clerk near the entrance of any of the starting towns (Langao Village, Lane Village, Town of Agrani, Tsusukul Village, and Pukulet Village).

Name Ride On, Dolboard!
(ライドオン ドルボード!)
Location Mount Gatara
Coordinates D-4
NPC Menme
Requirements Any 1 Key Emblem
Initial Rewards
Experience 6240 P
Fame 52 P
Rewards Unlock Dolboard
3 Dolsoline
Replay Rewards
Experience 1560 P
Fame 4 P
Rewards 1 Dolsoline
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next 219


  • Speak to Menme located at D4 in Mount Gatara to accept the quest.
  • Exit Gatara to the Gatara Fields (ガタラ原野) and head to G3. You will see a shiny spot on the ground near a broken wall. Examine it to collect the Dolboard Remains (ドルボードの残がい).
  • Return to Menme to complete the quest. Congratulations, now you have your very own dolboard!

When your level is higher than 30, you will unlock the next quest in the "Whispers of a Dolboard" questline.