Pyramid Treasure

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Pyramid Treasure (or just Pyramid) is dungeon content that pits you up against multiple waves of increasingly difficult enemies with the purpose of obtaining each tomb's treasures. Pyramid has a total of 9 different stages, or "tombs", you can enter that also increase in difficulty. Each tomb rewards unidentified treasure that, when identified, turn in to either Golden Brooch Shards, Brooches or Ankhs.

Players run Pyramid Treasure each week, exhausting all 9 tombs for a chance at building multiple Brooches and Ankhs to upgrade the accessories.


How to get there

The easiest way to start Pyramid Treasure is to access the command menu and navigate to Misc. > Play Guide > Content Guide > Pyramid Treasure. From here, you can press the mapped Go to Content Location button and teleport to the entrance to False Pyramid.

Alternatively, if you wanted to get there through one of the Bazoom Girls, you could go to False Lendersia > F. Pyramid · Center.

To get there with just your Zoomstone, navigate to False Lendersia > F. Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro. Run south to F. Al-Ahagiro Region and then north to F. Defel Desert. Run north again to F. Pyramid.


Reset happens on the weekly schedule. Each tomb can be run once per week. The two guaranteed items (Brooch and Ankh) shuffle to different tomb floors each week.

Engaging with Pyramid Treasure

The Tomb selection window.

Once you have entered F. Pyramid, opening your map will show 9 different tombs. You can walk to each tomb individually to complete them (not recommended), or use the teleportal in the middle of the map to warp to each tomb (recommended.)

At the teleportal, you're presented with 9 different tombs to choose from. The 1st Tomb is the easiest and the 9th Tomb is the hardest. Each week, two icons will rotate onto different tombs. These indicate that they are guaranteed to drop either a Brooch (circle icon) or an Ankh (ankh icon).

After you have selected the tomb, you will be teleported. Interact with the tomb in front of you and press the round button (select "Yes") to be once again teleported. Run forward down the corridor and interact with the sarcophagus at the end of the room to start a battle.

If your party wipes out, you will be returned to the tomb to try again. Resurrecting here will not incur any gold loss.

Once the battle has ended, interact with the sarcophagus once more to loot your unidentified treasure. Turn around and interact with the teleportal to then be warped back to the entrance.

Playing in a party

When doing Pyramid Treasure in a party, if someone's unidentified item ends up being identified as a Brooch or Ankh, the same outcome will happen for all players in the party when they go to identify the item.

If you have already cleared your tombs for the week, but the leader of the party hasn't, you will receive a Small Golden Treasure ? item that you can have identified, although these do not have the ability to identify as Pyramid accessories.

Golden Fiends

Golden Fiends can randomly spawn while in combat inside of the tomb. They're metal monsters, so multi-hit attacks are more effective. These monsters will drop extra Gold on defeat.

Monster Gold Awarded
Gold-Plated Puppet 5,040 G
Golden Box 8,400 G
Gem Slime 10,080 G


Unidentified treasure, which come in the form of Golden Treasure ? and Large Golden Treasure ?, can be turned in to Yayoi at E6 in F. Pyramid. Yayoi will identify your treasure free of charge and determine whether the item is a Golden Brooch Shard, a Brooch, an Ankh or a Golden Material. Brooches and Ankhs are special accessories that fit into the Chest Accessory slot in your equipment.

If you choose, you can convert Brooches and Ankhs that you don't want to Exchange Shop Jones, which he will exchange for Golden Brooch Shards. You can then exchange these shards at the Accessory Shop in Verinard Castle Town to build a Brooch or Ankh that you do want instead. Breaking the Brooches and Ankhs down into Golden Brooch Shards can also be done at the Accessory Shop in Verinard Castle Town, but Exchange Shop Jones is just here for convenience.

Expand the table below for a list of which unidentified treasures drop on which tomb floors, their potential rewards and their probabilities:

Tomb Floors Unidentified Treasure Potential Items Probability
1-6 Golden Treasure Set's Brooch 2%
Serket's Brooch 2%
Isis' Brooch 2%
Osiris' Brooch 2%
Anubis' Brooch 2%
Bastet's Brooch 2%
Gold Ornament Sword 0.4%
Gold Ornament Grtsword 0.4%
Gold Ornament Dagger 0.4%
Gold Ornament Wand 0.4%
Gold Ornament Staff 0.4%
Gold Ornament Boomerang 0.4%
Gold Ornament Hammer 0.4%
Gold Ornament Fan 0.4%
Gold Ornament Club 0.4%
Gold Ornament Bow 0.4%
Gold Ornament Spear 0.4%
Gold Ornament Axe 0.4%
Gold Ornament Claw 0.4%
Gold Ornament Whip 0.4%
Gold Ornament Shield 0.4%
Gold Ornament Helmet 0.4%
Gold Ornament Cuirass 0.4%
Gold Ornament Faulds 0.4%
Gold Ornament Gloves 0.4%
Gold Ornament Boots 0.4%
Golden Brooch Shard x5 15%
Golden Brooch Shard x3 50%
Golden Brooch Shard x2 15%
7-9 Large Golden Treasure Set's Ankh 0.5%
Serket's Ankh 0.5%
Isis' Ankh 0.5%
Osiris' Ankh 0.5%
Anubis' Ankh 0.5%
Bastet's Ankh 0.5%
Set's Brooch 12%
Serket's Brooch 12%
Isis' Brooch 12%
Osiris' Brooch 12%
Anubis' Brooch 12%
Bastet's Brooch 12%
Golden Brooch Shard x8 20%
Golden Brooch Shard x5 5%


See the below table for the exchange rates on shards, brooches and ankhs. The brooches and ankhs can be exchanged at either the Accessory Shop in Verinard Castle Town or at Exchange Shop Jones, but the Golden Brooch Shards are only exchanged at the Accessory Shop:

Item Exchanges To
All Brooches 10 Golden Brooch Shards
All Ankhs 20 Golden Brooch Shards
30 Golden Brooch Shards 1 Brooch (player chooses)
50 Golden Brooch Shards 1 Ankh (player chooses)