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The Zoomstone is the fast travel function for Dragon Quest X. Unlike most other Dragon Quest titles, the Zoom spell is not available to the player. Instead, these magical crystals are used. Over the course of the game, you'll obtain several Zoomstones that can each have a location of your choosing written to it, or special Zoomstones with fixed locations.

After obtaining your first Zoomstone, you can view and use your current Zoomstones by opening the menu and going to Items > Zoomstone. While in a party with other players, you will be able to select a party member's name from this menu and view and/or use their Zoomstones as well. When viewing another player's Zoomstone list, keep in mind that you will only see Zoomstones of locations you have previously visited once.

Rewritable Zoomstones

You can change the destination of these type of Zoomstones. To do so:

  • In towns and settlements, speak to a priest (usually in a church) and select the "Zoomstone" option. They will allow you to pick the area of a town that you prefer to teleport to. For example: "Megistris City - Entry" or "Megistris City - Fashion Street" would be options available if setting a Zoomstone to Megistris City.
  • In fields and dungeons, you can interact with the floating waypoint crystals to set one of your rewritable ones there.
  • In housing areas, you can interact with the signpost outside a residence to set a Zoomstone there, if the house owner has set the permission for it.

Here's a list of how to unlock the rewritable stones:

# How to Unlock Unlock Location
1 Clear the starter town story. Town of Agrani (if Dwarf)
Tsusukul Village (if Elf)
Lane Village (if Weddie)
Pukulet Village (if Pukulipo)
Langao Village (if Ogre)
2 Sanvitalia's Yellow Diary: 1st interaction reward. Mount Gatara (if Dwarf)
Wind Town Azlan (if Elf)
Julet Town (if Weddie)
Orphea (if Pukulipo)
Glen Castle Town (if Ogre)
3 Mini Medal exchange: 3 Mini Medals. (Condition: clear Quest 33) Entertainment Island Luckland
4 Clear Quest 35. North Port Lendor
5 Clear the Adventurer Seminar. (Quest 443) Train stations at the big towns (Gatara, Azlan, etc)
6 Casino exchange: 5000 tokens. Entertainment Island Luckland
7 Clear Version 1's story Travel Concierge (any Inn)
8 Stamp Card reward: 6th card
Available starting at V2.1
True Gran Zedora Kingdom
9 Jade Fairy reward for opening all 25 Jade Chests.
(Available starting in V2.1)
True Gran Zedora Kingdom
10 Clear Version 2's story Travel Concierge (any Inn)
11 Clear Version 3's story Travel Concierge (any Inn)
12 Subscribe to DQX for 30 consecutive days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
13 Subscribe to DQX for 360 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
14 Subscribe to DQX for 720 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
15 Subscribe to DQX for 1080 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
16 Subscribe to DQX for 1440 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
17 Subscribe to DQX for 1800 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
18 Subscribe to DQX for 2160 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)
19 Subscribe to DQX for 2520 cumulative days. Mount Gatara (Benefits Shop)

Fixed Zoomstones

These Zoomstones will always be set to a specific location and cannot be rewritten.

Name Set Location How to Unlock
My House Your home Buy a house in any residential area.
Team Home Your team's home Join a team and talk to a Team Ambassador
Fish Master South Port Lendor Fish exchange: 10,000 Fish Coins
My Hometown Your starting village Clear the Myth Quest.
Hero's Room Anlucia's balcony Start v2.1.
Monster Arena Monster Arena (True Arahagiro Kingdom) Battle Road exchange: 1,000 Battle Road Coins
(Available in 2.1)
Asfield Academy Asfield Academy Start the Asfield Academy side story in True Gran Zedora Kingdom.
(Available in 2.1)
Skill Master True Alltrades Abbey Clear Quest 391.
(Available in 2.2)

Mega Zoomstone

The Mega Zoomstone is a special Zoomstone that is set to many locations at once, mainly major locations such as towns, cities, and certain settlements.

Reward Condition Prerequisites Locations available
Unlock the Mega Zoomstone Clear Quest 447 Access to V2.1
Own 6 rewritable Zoomstones
Dwachakka Continent
Eltona Continent
Wena Islands
Pukuland Continent
Ogreed Continent
Port Lendor
500 Years Ago*
Lendersia Upgrade Clear Quest 455 Clear V3.0 False Lendersia Continent and
True Lendersia Continent added
Nadragand Upgrade Clear Quest 495 Started V4 All five Nadragand realms added
New Ethene Village Upgrade Clear Quest 568 Clear V3.5 New Ethene Village added (under "T. Lendersia" category)
Ethene Kingdom Upgrade (None) Clear V4.5 Kingdom of Ethene added

*The locations in the past are only selectable while you are in the past. You also cannot teleport to locations in a different time period.

Bazoom Girls

While technically not Zoomstones, these girls are worth mentioning in this page: These young mages can use the Bazoom spell to send you to almost any area you have previously visited.

You can find Bazoom girls in South Lendor Port, in Megistris City, and later after Version 3 in New Ethene Village.

It is recommended to set a rewritable Zoomstone in one of these towns as soon as possible, so you have quick access to a Bazoom Girl. Megistris is highly recommended, as the Bazoom Girl is close to the entrance. (The city itself is also quite convenient with many facilities close together.)


After clearing version 6 and if you have version 7 registered to your account, Quest 770 becomes available where you can upgrade your Mega Zoomstone into a Bazoomstone. This gives your Mega Zoomstone the same functionality as speaking with a Bazoom Girl, allowing you to teleport to all locations available to you.