Quest 7

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Name Herbal Warrior & Rich Soil 薬草戦士と豊かな土
Location Glen Castle Town
Coordinates B-4
NPC Ban 戦士バン
Requirements -
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 6240 P 1560 P
Fame 26 P 4 P
Rewards Special Medicine x5 Special Medicine x2


  1. Talk to Ban in Glen Castle Town B4 to receive the quest.
  2. Head to Glen East (グレン領東) and fight some Muddy Hands until one drops Muddy Hand Mud (マドハン泥).
    • You can find them in the southern part of Glen East -beyond the bridge at E7-, however they are hidden enemies and can't be seen in the overworld.
    • A passive skill from the Fortune Teller vocation allows players to see invisible enemies, so if you have a paid account it might be wise to unlock the vocation and put 16 skill points into the Divination (うらない) skilltree.
  3. Return to Ban to complete the quest.
One muddy hand.