Quest 7

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Herbal Warrior & Rich Soil (薬草戦士と豊かな土)
Location Glen Castle Town (グレン城下町) (B4)
Starting NPC Ban (戦士バン)
Description -
Requirements None 
Initial Reward 5 Spcl. Medicine (特やくそう)
Replay Reward 2 Spcl. Medicine (特やくそう)
EXP/Fame 6240P/26P
Replay EXP/Fame ???/???
Previous Quest None Next Quest None


  • Head to Glen East (グレン領東) and defeat Muddy Hand (マドハンド) until one drops Muddy Hand Mud (マドハン泥). You can find them in the southern part of Glen East, however they are hidden underground and can't be seen in the overworld.
  • Return to Ban to complete the quest.