Fortune Teller

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A Fortune Teller of the Human race.

The Fortune Teller (FOR) (占い師) is one of the advanced vocations in DQX. Utilizing their many different cards, the Fortune Teller is able to assail foes or support their allies with their carefully chosen deck of 20 cards.

Fortune Tellers have access to Swords, Bows, Whips, Staffs, Fisticuffs, and Shields.

Fortune Teller's exclusive skill tree is called Divination (うらない Uranai).

Their coup-de-grace is Zodiac Code (ゾディアックコード), which for a short time (40s) removes the turn delay of using cards and grants their current hand their aura effects.


It's hard to pin down a specific strategy for Fortune Tellers, since their role in combat will be dictated by the cards they choose to put in their deck. That being said, a Fortune Teller's main focus should be using their unique Tarot skills and probably won't be using their weapon-specific skills all too often. However, as of the 6.1 patch, a Fortune Teller's equipped weapon can help narrow down the role you'd like to fit into based on the passive boosts they grant.

  • Sword - Balanced type. Not too focused on one particular aspect.
  • Rod - Focus on attacking/dealing damage.
  • Bow - Focus on healing/recovery.
  • Whip - Focus on more easily inflicting status effects.

You can view a comprehensive list of their cards here.

Vocation Quests

Unlock Quest: Quest 431 - Urgent recruitment! Apprentice fortune teller (急募! 見習い占い師)

Quest 432 - First job to connect the hearts (心をつなぐ初仕事)
Quest 433 - A shining star (かがやける期待の星)
Quest 434 - Fortune-tellers' holiday (占い師たちの休日)
Quest 435 - Grim Reaper snuggles up to a girl (死神は少女に寄り添う)
Quest 436 - Staring at the darkness (闇を見つめて)

Vocation Tree Skills

NOTE: Any skill with a(専)is an "exclusive" skill, meaning it only applies to the current vocation.

Divination (うらない)
Japanese Name Japanese Translated English Name Description Type MP Cost Charge Time SP Needed
アルカナ占い(専)(Arukana uranai) Arcana Divination (Exclusive) ? Grants you a 30 minute effect that causes monsters of a random family (or all families) to drop Tarot Medal Fragments. (Monsters who do not drop items will not drop any.) Once used, you can't change the family chosen until this effect ends and you use the skill once again. Skill 0 - 8
全職業で隠れた敵が見える (Zen shokugyō de kakureta teki ga mieru) See Hidden Enemies In All Occupations ? Enemies that are invisible will now appear visible. Passive - - 16
全職業で最大MP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai MP +10) Maximum MP In All Occupations +10 Natural MP +10 - Passive - - 28
ライトフリング(専)(Raitofuringu) Right Fling (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single enemy for 1.2 times damage, and discards the 2 rightmost cards in your hand. Skill 2 - 40
タロットの威力アップ(専)(Tarotto no iryoku appu) Tarot Power Up (Exclusive) ? Doubles the damage of your cards, and increases their recovery rate by 1.2 times. Passive - - 48
ひき直し時ターン不要(専)(Hiki naoshi-ji tān fuyō) No Turn Required When Redrawing (Exclusive) ? Redrawing cards will no longer consume your turn. Passive - - 56
レフトフリング(専)(Refutofuringu) Left Fling (Exclusive) ? Deals an attack to a single enemy for 1.2 times damage, and discards the 2 leftmost cards in your hand. Skill 2 - 70
タロットの威力アップ(専)(Tarotto no iryoku appu) Tarot Power Up (Exclusive) ? Triples the damage of your cards, and increases their recovery rate by 1.4 times. Passive - - 80
全職業で最大HP+10 (Zen shokugyō de saidai HP +10) Maximum HP In All Occupations +10 Natural HP +10 - Passive - - 90
リセットベール(専)(Risettobēru) Reset Veil (Exclusive) ? Discards 4 cards in your hand, and increases your dodge rate by 10% for 60 seconds. Skill 6 15/40 110
最大MP+10(専)(Saidai MP +10) Maximum MP +10 (Exclusive) MP +10 - Passive - - 120
エンゼルのみちびき(専)(Enzeru no michibiki) Angel's Guidance (Exclusive) ? Places an Angel Slime card from your deck into your hand. Nothing happens if there is no Angel Slime card in your deck. Skill 0 40/80 130
テンション消費減(専)(Tenshon shōhi-gen) Reduced Tension Consumption (Exclusive) ? When using your cards, there is a chance you will not consume your tension. Passive - - 140
魅惑の水晶球(専)(Miwaku no suishōkyū) Enchanted Crystal Ball (Exclusive) ? Increases the damage of your cards and the recovery rate of your cards by 200%. Skill 8 25/120 150
魔王のいざない(専)(Maō no izanai) Demon King's Invitation (Exclusive) ? Places SSS-rank cards into your hand. Skill 0 I(70/140), II(60/130), III(50/120) 180*
リバートハンド(専)(Ribatohando) Revert Hand (Exclusive) ? Reverts your hand to the previous state. This does not consume your turn. Skill 0 I(70/140), II(50/120) 200*

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