Quest 102

From Ethene
Name A Bright Day
Location Gartlant Castle Town
Coordinates -
NPC Commander Strong
Requirements Quest 101 completed.
Initial Rewards
Experience 3708 P
Fame 103 P
Rewards Paladin Chain Shirt
Scroll of Experience - PLD (4)
20 points in every Paladin Skill
Replay Rewards
Experience 1854 P
Fame -
Rewards Urbea Silver Coin (1)
Quest Progression
Previous 101
Next 103


  • Talk to Commander Strong (Gartland Castle 1st Floor H-4) and accept the quest. A scene will play.
  • Head to Magnus' Room in Gartland Castle for the next scene.
  • Head to Lenam Fields in the Wena Islands
  • Head to the Underground Lake Cave in Lenam Fields at H-3 for the next scene.
  • Go to E-4 and check the spring for a scene.
  • Return to Gartland castle for another scene
  • Report back to Commander Strong for your reward.