Quest 103

From Dragon Quest X
Jenya's Secret (ジェニャの秘密)
Location Gartland Castle Town (ガートラント城), at the Holy Knight's Office
Starting NPC Commander Strong
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 102 completed. 
Initial Reward Paladin Coup-de-Grace "Knight Watch"
Scroll of Experience - PLD (6)
20 points in every Paladin Skill
Replay Reward 5138 XP / 11 Fame
Urbea Silver Coins (2)
EXP/Fame 10275 XP / 137
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 102 Next Quest Quest 104


  • After speaking with the quest giver over at the Holy Knight Office in Gartland Castle. Head North out of the Castle Town into Gartland Territory, then go to Zama Pass> Landonfoot. From there head East, then north crossing a bridge, you will see it as a big yellow circle on the Map.
  • Once there you must slay three Rhinocerex's and have at least used Pincushion once each fight.
  • You do not need to be hit while Pincushion is active for this to work, just using it once is enough. If you did it right you should see a post battle untranslated message *it wont stop you, you can still move* with a number 1 or 2 in it likely saying you got 1 or 2 left to go.
  • Afterwards return to Gartland Castle and head back to the Holy Knight Office for a cutscene and your reward.

Knight Watch is an incredible defensive Coup-de-Grace that taunts all enemies around you and renders you impervious to damage for 30 seconds.