Quest 104

From Dragon Quest X
I Will Be Your Shield (盾となる者)
Location Gartland Castle Town (ガートラント城), at the Holy Knight's Office
Starting NPC Commander Strong
Description &nbsp
Requirements Quest 103 completed. 
Initial Reward Paladin Proof
Scroll of Experience - PLD (6)
20 points in every Paladin Skill
Replay Reward Proof of Paladin, 1 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame: 3950
EXP/Fame 7900 XP / 172
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 103 Next Quest None


  • At the Holy Knight Office, Speak with Commander Strong to initiate the quest, After doing so, a quest will occur and you will learn the gesture "Mysterious Dance"
  • Go to Bagua's Wind Cave in the Orseco Highland
If you have already been to the Ancient Orseco Arena, you can take a warp there and make your way to the Wind Cave from here.
  • Upon entering the Dragon Roost, a cutscene will occur, after you preformed the gesture you just learned, another cutscene will occur, followed by the boss fight.
It's recommended to bring Flame and/or Breath resistance and a Sage as this boss uses a breath attack that deals flame damage, and has two guard type spells that prevent him from being hit by certain attacks.
  • Once the Boss is down, an event will occur
  • After the event, return to the Holy Knight Office to receive your rewards.
  • Upon completion of the quest, an event occurs when you leave the Castle.

The Proof of Paladin is an interesting Proof that has a chance to paralyze attackers when you block or parry their strike.