Quest 113

From Ethene
Name The Borrowed Cat 借りてきたネコなのニャ
Location King Ladis Island
Coordinates C3 (Beach Hut)
NPC Purrgatroyd キャット・リベリオ
Requirements Complete Quest 112
Previous Quest 112
Next Quest 114
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 45800 P -
Fame 86 P -
Rewards 3 Wenal Shell 3 Blue Eye


  1. Enter the Beach Hut in King Ladis Island C3 for a cutscene, after which you will receive this quest.
  2. Talk to in Cat Momma in Big Cat Nest, in the deepest area of Cat Island.
  3. Go to Sea Melting Cave in Kyurarana Coast.
  4. There will be an scene and a boss battle against "Sardon's Minion" when you reach the deepest area of the cave.
  5. The quest will be completed after your victory.