Quest 115

From Ethene

==Quest 115 - "Find The (Nibel) Ring"

Location - [Kirika Steppe E8] - South of Tsusukuru Plains  
NPC - 
Requirement - Find The Ring
Initial Reward -  
EXP/Fame - 30200P / 5100P

Summary - A girl in the windy town of Azlan has been asked to return her ring that was stolen by a strange bird. She asked for help, however the bird seems to have flown to the Forest of Monsters in the Kirika Grasslands, located northeast of the Azran region

  • Head northwest from the town of Azlan (region) towards Kirika Steppe F1
  • Once in Kirika Steppe map, head outh paste Tusukuru Plans F4 towards bottom of the map E8