Quest 116

From Ethene
  • Quest Name: Warriors of Valhalla
  • Quest Giver: The doll in the Wind Town Azlan, The Lords Mansion, inside the D-5 room.
  • Location: The Lords Mansion
  • Target  : Ada
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, 4 Urbea Silver Pieces.

A You will be able to accept the quest immediately after the previous one assuming you are of the unspecified level requirement. You are to go to Luckland Island. After you get a cutscene to pursue a woman heading towards the Coliseum named Ada. Speak with Ada. Ada wants a "Sword of Hagane" in exchange for the doll. Basically a Steel Sword. If you dont have one on you go to the Bazaar and simply buy one. After, return to Ada to trade for the doll. Afterwards, return to the "Halls of Valhalla" aka the Lords manor for your reward and the next quest.