Quest 129

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Quest 129 - Sweat, Tears, and a Material Store's Hat (汗と涙と素材屋のぼうし)

Location: Any Material Shop
Requirement: Cleared the starting race story 
Initial Reward: Able to convert equipment into Sweat and Tear Crystals / 1x Sweat and Tear Crystal
Replay Reward: 2x Single Phial
EXP / Fame : 2040P / 17P

Unable to be accepted by Trial Players

  • Talk to any Material shop Employee and after accepting the quest you will be given a hat called Material Shop Hat (素材屋のぼうし).
  • With the hat equipped, defeat 10 enemies that are as strong as you or stronger.
  • Afterwards unequip the hat and then return to any Material Shop Employee to return the hat and clear the quest