Quest 130

From Ethene
Name Demon Pro's Training
Location Glen Castle Town
Coordinates D-6 (Glen Castle 1F)
NPC Instructor Ranbaba
Requirements Level 50+
Initial Rewards
Experience 16560 P
Fame 86 P
Rewards Special Training unlocked
Replay Rewards
Experience 4140 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Gold Nugget
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  1. Speak with Instructor Ranbaba to receive the quest.
  2. Go to Becon Valley at E-4 (Cabin) and speak with Examiner Gragado.
  3. Defeat Togres at E-5 until they drop a Devil's Horn.
    • This is tough to do at level 50, so it's best to leave this for when you're higher level or get higher level allies to help you defeat it.
  4. Speak with Examiner Gragado again.
  5. Go back to Glen Castle and speak with Instructor Ranbaba to complete the quest.

This unlocks Special Training, which can be switched to by selecting the option from the Dharma Priests. Instead of Experience points, you will be earning Special Training Stamps which, after enough of, you'll gain a skill point. You do not earn any EXP while in this mode, so it's best to switch to it once you hit level cap.