Quest 137

From Ethene
Name Weaponsmith's Challenge
Location Glen Castle
Coordinates (Weaponsmith Guild)
NPC Master Rasedo
Requirements Weaponsmith Lv 29 or higher
Initial Rewards
Experience 0 P
Fame 69 P
Rewards Weaponsmith level cap raises to Lv35.
Emote "Perfection"
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 1 Platinum Ore
Quest Progression
Previous 38
Next 240


Now, that's a sword!
  1. Master Rasedo (whom you can find at the Weaponsmith Guild in Glen Castle) has recognized our prowess and has offered to let us level our craftmanship to level 31 and beyond.
  2. He's asked us to create a Platinum Powersword of ★☆☆ quality or higher, then bring it to him unsullied by combat.
    • These are Claymore weapons. If you don't already know the recipe, Master Rasedo will helpfully teach it to you for free.
    • You need 4 Platinum Ore, 5 Iron Ore, 2 Mirror Stone, and 4 Lamplight to make one of these weapons.
    • Platinum Ore will run you 360 gold per nugget, Iron Ore 120, and Lamplight 1000 from NPC material vendors, but you might catch a deal on the Bazaar.
    • Mirrorstones, you'll need to come up with yourself, or purchase from another player on the Bazaar.
    • All in all, it'll set you back 6,100 gold plus the Mirrorstones to make just one, but no big deal.
    • As a side note, if you're crafting for a profit, this is a good lesson in acquiring materials, not paying too much, finding deals, and discovering your break-even point on costs and labor.
  3. With the required materials in hand, it's time to make this thing! Get crafting!
  4. Once you've made a good one, at least ★☆☆ or higher, lug it up the stairs and throw it at Master Rasedo to complete the quest and unlock your level cap to level 35. Back to the forges!

Crafting tips

Try this foundation, if you're struggling with this quest:

  1. Sizzly Puff
  2. Sizzly Puff
  3. Quadrabash on Bottom 2x2 square
  4. Quadrabash on Top 2x2 square
  5. Then using Double Wham, Bash, or Lightening Bash as needed on the rest of the sections of the blade and handle to fill it out.
  6. Note that Triple Wham is not recommended, as it might hit too hard.

The pointy end is quicker to sharpen than the other sections.