Quest 240

From Ethene
Master Rasedo's Request
Location Glen Castle Town, Glen Castle
Starting NPC Master Rasedo
Description -
Requirements Quest 137, Weaponsmithing Craft Level 34 
Initial Reward Weaponsmith Level 40 Level Cap Unlock
Emote: Disappointment
Replay Reward Platinum Ore 1 ea.
EXP/Fame 69 Fame
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 137 Next Quest None


Picture of a Pokey Partisan
  • Now that you're budding and perhaps slightly popular craftsman...
  • Master Rasedo himself is getting pretty busy. If you can make the level of crafts past 34, you could be a great help to him!
  • First, to see if you're ready, he'll ask you to put your best work forward.
  • Your task is to bang out a Partisan of 2-Star quality or better, then bring it to Rasedo unscuffed.
  • Rasedo will helpfully teach you the recipe for a Partisan if you don't already know it.
  • Partisans are level 17 crafts, so not too difficult to make overall.. the tough part is trying to get it at a 3-Star Level.
  • The materials are 6 Silver Ore(240g), 3 Bendy Branch(240g), and 3 Cruel Claw(120G) for a total of 1800g for material costs, all of which can be purchased from Shop Vendors, but you might be able to snag a deal from the Bazaar.
  • If you're having difficulty, you might start with this foundation:
  1. Sizzly Puff
  2. Sizzly Puff
  3. Double Bash on A1
  4. Double Wham on A4
  5. Triple Wham on A3
  • Once you've got at least a 2-Star Partisan, throw it at Rasedo to learn that the sabers you made a couple weeks ago still haven't been delivered because Rasedo's been so ridiculously busy.
  • We feel ya, buddy...
  • They need to go to Shayne/Shane at Lion's Gate, so slide on over there to drop off the present real quick and we can get back to the forge while it's still hot!
  • Talk to Shane right next to the River of Light for a scene.
  • Well that sure chilled us out. Head back to Rasedo to complete the quest and learn an appropriate gesture.
  • You can now level your Weaponsmithing up to 40!