Quest 143

From Ethene
Paulia Will Lead (ポーリアは導く)
Location North Port Lendor(港町レンドア北)
Starting NPC Guildmaster Paulia (マスター・ポーリア)
Description -
Requirements Pot Alchemy level+29(ツボ錬金職人レベル29以上) 
Initial Reward Pot Alchemy Level cap raised to 35, Emote "Perfection" (ツボ錬金職人にのレベルキャップが35になる / しぐさ:「だいせいこう」)
Replay Reward 1 Giant Tortoise Shell (大きなこうら×1)
EXP/Fame 0P/69P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 51 Next Quest Quest 246


  • Deliver "Dread Dagger" (that someone else crafted) with the "Attack +4" effect attached