Quest 246

From Dragon Quest X
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Paulia's Boyfriend Plight (ポーリアと彼氏の事情)
Location North Port Lendor(港町レンドア北)
Starting NPC Guildmaster Paulia (マスター・ポーリア)
Description -
Requirements Pot Alchemy level+34(ツボ錬金職人レベル34以上) 
Initial Reward Pot Alchemy Level cap raised to 40, Emote "Disappointed" (ツボ錬金職人レベルキャップ40まで開放 /しぐさ「がっくり」)
Replay Reward 1 Giant Tortoise Shell (大きなこうら×1)
EXP/Fame 0P/69P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 143 Next Quest Quest 297


  • Deliver "Steel Axe" (that someone else crafted) with two "Critical Rate +1%" effects attached
  • Deliver to Torban in Choppi Wilderness.
  • Report to Guildmaster Paulia.