Quest 153

From Ethene
Come on ♪ Let's Bloom (さあ♪咲き乱れるのよ)
Location Megistris City
Starting NPC Salvarita at C-7
Description -
Requirements Quest 152 Completed 
Initial Reward Superstar Coat
Scroll of Experience - STA (4)
20 points in every Superstar Skill
Replay Reward 2 Red Eye
EXP/Fame 7725 / 103
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 152 Next Quest Quest 154

== Walkthrough

  • Talk to Salvarita to start the quest. It's time to surpass our current limits.
  • The task is to defeat the Star Devil in the Popolapa Caves.
  • So let's strut back to that cave and dance circles around that Star Devil.
  • Once you're done putting on a show, return to Salvarita and report your progress to complete the quest.