Quest 172

From Ethene
Name New Muddy Color! ドロまみれの新色!
Location Mogarim Highway
Coordinates C3 (Mogare Camp)
NPC Lorod ロロド
Requirements Clear Quest 122
Previous Quest 122
Next Quest -
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 2040 P -
Fame 34 P -
Rewards "Clay" color available at the beauty salon.
1 Urbea Silver Coin
4 Gatara Pig Buns


  1. Speak to Lorod (ロロド) in Mogare Camp to receive the quest.
  2. Defeat King Crab in Mogare Cave until one drops a Smelly Shell (ドロくさいこうら).
    • King Crab can be found around Mogare Cave G5.
  3. Give the Smelly Shell to Lorod to finish the quest.
  4. After completing this quest, the "Clay" color will be available at the beauty salon.
A King Crab.