Quest 174

From Ethene
Name Bag Workshop's Secrets
Location Julet Town
Coordinates G-3
NPC Tote
Requirements Level 46+
Initial Rewards
Experience 6240 P
Fame 52 P
Rewards Item bag increased to 50 slots
Replay Rewards
Experience 1560 P
Fame -
Rewards 2 Urbea Silver Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 36
Next 237


  1. Talk to Tote to receive the quest.
  2. Travel to King Ladis Island and defeat Axolotls around E5/F6 for until you get 2 Mad Leather.
  3. Go back to Tote and speak with him.
  4. Wait 3 minutes (real time) and speak to him again.
  5. Travel to Verinard South at E8 and deliver it to Charon at the Merchant Outpost.
  6. Return to Tote to complete the quest.