Quest 174

From Dragon Quest X
A Axolotl located in the Sky Stage of King Landis Island
Deliver Tote's item to Item Shop Charon located at Verinard South E8
Bag Workshop's Secrets (かばん工房の秘密)
Location Bolter's Bag Workshop (ボルターのかばん工房)
Starting NPC Tote (トート)
Description -
Requirements Level 46+, Quest 36 cleared 
Initial Reward Item bag capacity increased to 50 slots
Replay Reward 2 Urbea Silver Coins (ウルベア銀貨)
EXP/Fame 6240P/52P
Replay EXP/Fame 1560P/?P
Previous Quest Quest 36 Next Quest Quest 237


  • Talk to Tote to receive the quest.
  • Travel to Ladis King Island and kill Axolotls (マッドルーパー) around E5/F6 for until you get 2 Mad Leathers (マッドレザー).
  • Return to Tote and speak to him. Wait 3 minutes (real time) and speak to him again.
  • Before you can get your bag upgrade, he needs you to deliver an upgrade for someone else.
  • Travel to Verinard South (ヴェリナード領南) at E8 and deliver it to Charon (チャーロン) at the Merchant Outpost.
  • Return to Tote to complete the quest.