Quest 36

From Ethene
Tote in his father's workshop inside the well
Clawcerer, found around Muse Coast
Mandrake Major, found around Jule Island Upper Layer
Stubborn Craftman's Son (ガンコ職人の息子)
Location Bolter's Bag Workshop (ボルターのかばん工房)
Starting NPC Tote (トート)
Description -
Requirements Level 26+ 
Initial Reward Item bag capacity increased to 40 slots
Replay Reward 5 Evac Bells (おもいでのすず)
EXP/Fame 4080P/34P
Replay EXP/Fame ?P/?P
Previous Quest None Next Quest Quest 174


  • To begin the quest, enter the well located in Julet Town's east area and speak to Tote (トート)
  • Remove the "Beginner" status from the menu. He won't give you the quest until you do.
    • Misc → Settings → Communication Settings → Status Icon → Uncheck "Beginner"
  • Talk to Tote (トート) to receive the quest. He needs a couple of items.
  • Travel to Muse Coast (ミューズ海岸) and kill Clawcerers (ジャガ一メイジ) around B3/C3 until they drop a Tanning Extract (なめしエキス).
  • Travel to Jule Upper Island (ジュレー島上層) to kill Mandrake Majors (リザ一ドマン) around C3 until they drop a Giant Lizard Skin (大トカゲの皮).
  • Return to Tote when you have the materials and speak to him.
  • Wait 3 minutes in real Earth time and speak to him again to complete the quest.