Quest 178

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Quest 178 - Gate to the Sage (賢者への登竜門)[edit]

Location: Dolworm Kingdom
NPC: Tiza
Requirement: None
Initial Reward: Sage Unlocked
Replay Reward: 1 Urubea silver coin
EXP/Fame: 2580 / 43
  • Head to the 3rd floor of Dolworm Kingdom and head to Tiza at F2
  • Talk to Ania on the 2nd floor of Dolworm Kingdom at E2
  • Defeat 3 Metro Ghosts. They can be found at Jure Island Upper Layer in the Wena Islands within the Abandoned Underground Mines of Jurelia at F7. Metro Ghosts are transparent, so you will need to look very closely for them.
  • Go back to Ania and then report to Tiza to complete the quest