Quest 183

From Ethene
The Sword (剣となる者)
Location Luckland Coliseum Basement
Starting NPC Jakov
Description -
Requirements Quest 182 Completed 
Initial Reward Battle Master Proof
Scroll of Experience - BTL(6)
20 points in every Battle Master Skill
Replay Reward 2070 EXP
EXP/Fame 12900 XP / 172
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 182 Next Quest None


  • Talk to Jakov. Sainz is mad salty that he got dunked on and wants a rematch.
  • Head to Old Orseco Arena in Orseco Highlands to beat Sainz in a fistfight. Stay equipped, though.
  • You'll be treated to an event and a boss fight. Defeat the boss to learn the true enemy's identity, and also the true identity of Masked Buster.
  • Talk to Jakov to complete the quest and receive your Battlemaster Proof.

The Battlemaster Proof allows you a chance to gain a tension level when you take damage.