Quest 186

From Ethene
Name Visit the Ancient Sage
Location Dolworm Crystal Palace
Coordinates 2nd floor E-2
NPC Anya
Requirements Sage Lv30 or above
Initial Rewards
Experience 7725 P
Fame 103 P
Rewards Sage Robe Top
Sage Robe Bottom
4 Exp. Scrolls (SGE)
+20 Skill Points in all Sage skills
Replay Rewards
Experience 3862 P
Fame -
Rewards 2 Urbea Silver Coin
Quest Progression
Previous 185
Next 187


  • Talk to Anya in the "Laboratory (研究室)" on the 2nd floor of Dolworm Crystal Palace to accept the quest.
  • Go to the "Hollow of Silence (静寂のほこら)" cave located in Verinard North (ヴェリナード領北)
    • You can find the cave in F-6 in said map.
  • After going into the cave, a boss battle will start.
    • The boss is called Holy Beast Dai Kirin (聖獣ダイキリン)
    • It's recommended to increase your breath resistance and spell resistance, because of it's ranged breath/spell attacks.
    • Spells like Insulate/Insulatle, Magic Barrier or skills like Clear Mind, Mist Me, or Mage Ward will make the fight easier.
Holy Beast Dai Kirin (聖獣ダイキリン)
  • After beating the boss, watch the event cutscene.
  • Return to Dolworm Crystal Palace and talk to Anya to clear the quest.