Quest 187

From Dragon Quest X
Anya (アーニア)
Bud Brother (まだらイチョウ)
Hunter Mech (メタルハンター)
Quest 187 - Cursed Hands to Friends (呪われし友に手を)
Location Dolworm Crystal Palace (ドルワーム水晶宮)
Starting NPC Anya (アーニア)
Description &nbsp
Requirements Sage Lv30 or above 
Initial Reward ⭐Spelly Breath, Sage's Coup-de-Grace
6 Exp. Scrolls (SGE)
+20 Skill Points in all Sage skills
Replay Reward 2 Magic Water
EXP/Fame 7725 / 103
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 186 Next Quest Quest 188

  • Talk to Anya in the "Laboratory (研究室)" on the 2nd floor of Dolworm Crystal Palace to accept the quest.
  • Defeat a Bud Brother (まだらイチョウ) and a Hunter Mech (メタルハンター) using the Boom (イオラ) Spell, both enemies can be found in Sunset Meadow (落陽の草原).
    • To reach Sunset Meadow, go from the North Exit on Royal Capital Kamiharmui -> Kamiharmui Territory North to (B-2) -> Sunset Meadow.
    • Boom can be learned at level 29 by Sages, deal the finishing blow with Boom.
    • Both enemies can't be fought in the same battle, beat one after the other, you'll be rewarded with Key Items if done correctly.
  • After getting both Key Items, go to Chaldea Mountain Road and then proceed to Chaldea Cave
    • Chaldea Cave can be found between F-5 / F-6 of the current map.
  • Inside the Cave, go to C-1 and watch the event cutscene.
  • Return to Dolworm Crystal Palace and talk to Anya to clear the quest.