Quest 190

From Ethene
Name Formation! Leaf Explorers!
(結成! 若葉の探検隊!)
Location Tsusukul Village
Coordinates D-4
NPC Shishinota
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 28256 P
Fame 86 P
Rewards 2 Eltona Daffodil
Replay Rewards
Experience 4128 P
Fame -
Rewards 2 Green Eye
Quest Progression
Previous 189
Next 191


  1. Speak with Shishinota to begin the quest.
  2. Go inside the building at E-4.
  3. You'll be prompted to teleport to Goble Desert East in front of Dolworm Kingdom.
  4. In Dolworm Kingdom, go to D-7 and speak with Dona Papacho.
  5. Go to Tsusukul Village and go inside the building at E-4 to complete the quest.