Quest 191

From Ethene
Name Ghost Voice 亡霊の声
Location Tsusukul Village
Coordinates D-4
NPC Shishinota シシノタに
Requirements -
Previous Quest 190
Next Quest 192
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 34832 P 7416 P
Fame 103 P -
Rewards 3 Eltona Daffodil 2 Green Eye


  1. Speak with Shishinota to begin the quest.
  2. Go inside the right most building at C-5.
  3. Examine the trapdoor under a shelf, directly to the right when coming into the room.
  4. In the Underground Maze, go to God's Hall at F-1.
  5. Once the cutscene ends, the quest will be complete.