Quest 195

From Ethene
Name Village Sanctum
Location Langao Village
Coordinates F-4
NPC Chief Cliffgain
Requirements -
Initial Rewards
Experience 32384 P
Fame 86 P
Rewards 4 Red Eye
Replay Rewards
Experience 6192 P
Fame 2 Red Eye P
Rewards -
Quest Progression
Previous 194
Next 196


  1. Speak with Chief Cliffgain to begin the quest.
  2. You'll be prompted to teleport to Ezesol Canyon.
  3. In Ezesol Canyon, go to E-3 and examine a pot to get Eze Salt.
  4. Go to Langao Village and speak with Chief Cliffgain.
  5. Go to E-1 and enter the Village Arena to complete the quest.