Quest 195

From Dragon Quest X
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  • Quest Name: VLG Sanctum
  • Quest Giver: Chief Cliffgain
  • Location: Langao Village Chiefs House
  • Target  : Gray Jar
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, 4 Red Orbs.

After accepting this quest you may get a instant teleport to the actual quest area all the way on the Dwarf Continent and be placed near the target location. If you do not, you need to get to Ezesol Canyon, to get there, go from the Dolworm Kingdom to Goble Desert East, then go to Chaldea Mountain Road entrance near the Oasis Caravan town, from there head to the most Southeast zone entry into Ezesol Canyon. From there head east past Sister Solte and the Salt Miners Hut to the quest indicator found on E3/E4. If you havent yet, their is a black box inside the hut. Once you reach your destination you will see a sea of salt, far as the eye can see. The salt all came from the collective tears of Non Japanese Dragon Quest fans, that occurred when "No Plans For World-Wide Release" was tacked on during a certain event..... jokes aside, you are looking for a specific grey Jar sitting near one of the salt mounts within the quest circle. You should see it soon as you emerge from the cave leading to the place. Once you have it, return to the village chief. After speaking with him, head north to the Village Arena and enter for another cutscene and your reward.