Quest 207

From Ethene
Name Unrelenting! Round 1! 一心不乱! 1次募集!
Location Pukulet Village
Coordinates F4
NPC Chief Pukklei プックレイ村長
Requirements Clear Quest 206
Previous Quest 206
Next Quest 208
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 40640 P -
Fame 86 P -
Rewards 1 Pukuland Saffron -


  • Speak to Chief Pukklei to recieve the quest
  • Head out the village into Pukulet Region and defeat Mandrake Mercenary until you obtain the Sticky Extract.
    • You can find one on the north side of the bridge at D4.
  • Return to Chief Pukklei to recieve Comedian's Mustache.
  • Equip it, then speak to the Chief again to trigger an event.
  • Speak to the Chief one last time to hand in the quest.
    • You'll be offered dialogue options here, but they all do the same, so choose what you like.