Quest 208

From Ethene
Name Unprecedented! Round 2! 空前絶後! 2次予選!
Location Pukulet Village
Coordinates F4
NPC Chief Pukklei プックレイ村長
Requirements Cleared Quest 207
Previous Quest 207
Next Quest 209
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 44720 P -
Fame 103 P -
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin 2 Gold Nuglet


  • Speak to Chief Pukklei to start the quest.
  • Head to Popola Region and defeat Cosmic Chimaera until one drops a Golden Goddess Statue.
    • They should be easy to find in the Southern part of the region
    • You can use a Bazoom Girl to fly to Sage's Lair if you want to get there faster.
  • Return to the Chief when you have the item to trigger an event
  • Talk to Chief Pukklei again to complete the quest.