Quest 208

From Ethene
Name Unprecedented! Round 2!
(空前絶後! 2次予選!)
Location Pukulet Village
Coordinates F4
NPC Chief Pukklei
Requirements Cleared Quest 207
Initial Rewards
Experience 44720 P
Fame 103 P
Rewards 1 Urbea Gold Coin
Replay Rewards
Experience -
Fame -
Rewards 2 Gold Nuglet
Quest Progression
Previous 207
Next 209


  • Speak to Chief Pukklei to start the quest.
  • Head to Popola Region and defeat Cosmic Chimaera until one drops a Golden Goddess Statue.
    • They should be easy to find in the Southern part of the region
    • You can use a Bazoom Girl to fly to Sage's Lair if you want to get there faster.
  • Return to the Chief when you have the item to trigger an event
  • Talk to Chief Pukklei again to complete the quest.