Quest 212

From Ethene
Move it! Rescue team (進め!レスキュー隊)
Location Gartlant Castle
Starting NPC King Grossner
Description -
Requirements Quest 211 Completed 
Initial Reward Urbea Gold Coin
Replay Reward 1020 XP, 2 Urbea Gold Coin
EXP/Fame 37280 / 120
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 211 Next Quest Quest 213


  • After accepting the quest, head back to Castle Glen Town and take the west exit to Glen West.
  • From there, head Southwest to Gregor Cavern and enter it. You will get a cutscene.
  • They will ask for Antidote Herb and a Moonwort Bulb.
    • You can find the Bulb on the gathering sparklies outside in the zone, and the ghouls nearby can drop the antidote, or you can just get both from Bazaar.
  • Return to them once you have it. Then back to the Castle Gartlant throne room for your reward.