Quest 213

From Ethene
Who's the Traitor!? (裏切り者はだれだ!?)
Location Gartlant Castle
Starting NPC King Grossner
Description -
Requirements Quest 212 Completed 
Initial Reward 2 Ogreed Horrns
Replay Reward None
EXP/Fame 43100 / 137
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 212 Next Quest Quest 214


  • Accept the Quest and, at the end of the cutscene you'll be asked if you wish to teleport to the settlement (Cove Village) near the quest target in the Gilzad Region.
  • Head south towards the Hunters den. If you do not get the teleport, simply head out of Castle Town Gartlant, into Gartlant Territory, and go to either Gilzad Region south east exits to reach Gilzad region.
    • The Hunters den entry is located at F8. Head south to the only other exit, the Hunters Rest Area to trigger the next cutscene and a fight.
  • Return to Gartland Castle's throne room for your reward.