Quest 264

From Ethene
Name Titus Compass
Location -
Coordinates -
NPC Any Travel Concierge Guide
Requirements Complete Version 1
Initial Rewards
Experience 33360 P
Fame 56 P
Rewards 1 Boarding Pass Voucher
Replay Rewards
Experience 1680 P
Fame -
Rewards 10 Magic Water
Quest Progression
Previous -
Next -


  • Speak to any travel coneirge to begin the quest.
  • Collect 5 Magic Water, which can be purchased from Item Shops or the Bazaar.
  • Collect 1 Chronocrystal which can be bought from the Bazaar
    • It can also be purchased at the Material Shop Monono in Mount Gatara for 6000G.
    • Alternatively, this can be purchased for 5 Mini Medals from Island Chief Golek in Luckland Island.
  • Visit G2 in Ragi Snowfield and defeat Killing Machines until you acquire an Infinite Magnetite.
    • If you haven't been to this location, you can get there from going to Glen Castle Town > Glen East > Lion Gate > Langao Mountains > Ragi Snowfield.
  • Deliver all of the materials to any travel concierge.