Quest 264

From Dragon Quest X
  • Quest Name: Titus Compass
  • Quest Giver: Any Travel Concierge Guide after defeating V1.0 Final Boss.
  • Location: Any Travel Concierge Guide Location.
  • Target  : Killer Machine
  • Reward  : Experience, Fame, Travel Permit.

To start with, you need 5 Magic Waters which if you dont already have a ton of by now, can purchase from vendors or bazaar. You will need 1 Chronocrystal which you can buy for 6000G from the Gatata Material shop, or for 5 mini medals from the Mini Medal King. Next you need to go to Ragi Snowfield to find Killer Machines for the third item you need. You can get there from going to Glen Castle Town > Glen East > Lion Gate > Langao Mountains > Ragi Snowfield. There you can find Killer Machines in the Vicinity of G2. Keep killing them until you have it. Beware of the Zombie Dragons that sometimes spawn here, they will destroy you unless your entire party is at least lv 65+. Return to any Concierge Guide, doesn't have to be the one you got the quest from initially for your reward.