Quest 275

From Ethene
Let's Go! Dragon Kids (出動!ドラゴンキッズ)
Location Orpha Hill
Starting NPC Kraha at C-2
Description -
Requirements Quest 274 Completed 
Initial Reward Monster Master Zukin, Monster Master Bracelet
Scroll of Experience - MON (4)
20 points to all Monster Master Skills
Replay Reward 1 Sunny Citrine
EXP/Fame = 2070
EXP/Fame 4140 / 69
Replay EXP/Fame None
Previous Quest Quest 274 Next Quest Quest 276


  • Go to Orpha Hill and talk to Kraha to start the quest. There's been a landslide in the Daraz Quarry! We have just the thing, but our dragon is lazy. We need some meat to get them to come around.
  • Obviously, only monsters know the best place to get meat, so we're gonna take it from a monster.
  • Go to Windmill Way in Pukuland and start killing Rough Chappies until they drop Big Meat.
  • After recieving the Big Meat, head back to the Monster Farm on Orpha Hill and enter the barn for an event.
  • After the event, the next destination is Daraz Quarry. If you haven't been there before, take the train to Gatara City and venture out of the city into Gatara fields. Go all the way east to Chaldea Mtn. Road, then take the Daraz Quarry exit.
  • When you step in, enjoy the event, then head back to Orphea Hill to hand in quest.