Quest 274

From Ethene
Name Tense Teeny Sanguini Visit もんもん モーモン訪問
Location Orpha Hill
Coordinates C-2
NPC Klaha クラハ
Requirements Quest 273 Completed
Monster Master Level 30 or above
Previous Quest 273
Next Quest 275
Rewards (First Time / Repeat)
Experience 816 P -
Fame 34 P -
Rewards Monster Master Shoes
Scroll of Experience - MON (2)
20 points to all Monster Master Skills
1 Pale Pearl


  • Talk to Kraha at Orpha Hill inside the building to start the quest. Seems there's a sick girl that loves Sanguinies, and bringing her one might cheer her up!
  • If you haven't already, purchase and read a Teeny Sanguini book.
  • Scout a Teeny Sanguini, any one will do. Teeny Sanguinies can be found in the Colt (Korut) Region on Wena Islands at around C6.
  • With your pal in tow, head to Megistris and visit the inn. The kid's upstairs. Open the door for an event.
  • Head back to Orpha Hill for an event, then talk to Kraha to complete the quest.