Quest 279

From Ethene
Name Unopened Small Box
Location T. Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro
Coordinates E-5
NPC Grane
Requirements Level 70+, Version 2.0 story cleared
Initial Rewards
Experience 29120 P
Fame 120 P
Rewards Great Thief's Key
Replay Rewards
Experience 7280 P
Fame -
Rewards 1 Darkonium
Quest Progression
Previous 37
Next 448


  • Talk to Grane in the treasury at T. Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro 2nd Floor to accept the quest and receive an Unopened Small Box.
  • Talk to Nejiro in Megistris Castle on the third floor at D-7.
  • Head to T. Jyra Jungle, around C-3. You can't get there by traveling to the map and going to the location, so do one of the following:
    • Use the Brave Stone pillar in F. Jyra Jungle at C-2 (you're able to get there by traveling normally).
    • If you've received a certain item during the version 2.3 story, you can use that to go directly to there instead.
  • Defeat a Bilebonnet or a Snotbonce while less than half of your HP is remaining. Anyone in your party can defeat it so long as your HP meets this requirement (your name will be orange color).
    • If you are taking on the challenge with AI teammates, change their strategy to "Don't Use MP" to avoid the use of recovery spells. Monster Master's HP Link skill is also effective, as it allows your HP to get low and take damage. Or, be a Priest and use Goddess' Grace, letting your HP fall, and when your HP is reduced to half, set the AI's strategy to "Show No Mercy" to end the battle quickly.
  • Return and speak to Nejiro in Megistris Castle.
  • Talk to Grane at T. Kingdom of Al-Ahagiro to complete the quest. You can now open doors with the black locks on them.